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Resource List Compiled by Commission Staff

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of the topics or of the information which will be considered by the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission in the course of its work. Staff to the Commission have merely intended this listing as a means of readily locating some potentially useful resource materials (papers, fact sheets, etc.) as they become known and available to us for sharing. We also expect to expand the list of topics. The information on this webpage is solely for educational and informational purposes, and does not constitute legal advice. Nor does the interpretation or discussion of particular laws, rules or trends on this website represent the view of either staff or members of the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission.


Please contact Susanne DiPietro, sdipietro@ajc.state.ak.us or (907) 279-2526 ext. 10, for questions.

Resources for the Rehabilitation, Reentry, and Recidivism Reduction Workgroup

Alaska Criminal Justice Reform

Alaska Justice Reinvestment Initiative

Alaska Natives




Bail and Pretrial Release

Behavorial Health

Collateral Consequences

Community Courts

Controlled Substances

Controlled Substance Advisory Committee

Cost Benefit Studies

Crime Rates

Crime Victims

Department of Corrections

Domestic Violence




Electronic Monitoring

Evidence-Based Practices


Juvenile Justice

Law Enforcement

Mental Health

Pretrial Diversion

Pretrial, Trial and Appellate Process

Probation and Parole

Public Safety

Racial Inequity



Restoration of Rights Project (NACDL)

Restorative Justice

Rural Criminal Justice

Sentencing Reform

Sentencing Studies

Sex Offenders

* Documents marked with an asterisk are listed in more than one category

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